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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 4, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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livened jolliet of our top story could afternoon some gruesome details of this case have already been leaked. the victim's family say they're bracing themselves. it is a bench trial. in their opening statement prosecutors told the judge that bethany mckee desperately needed money to help, put the plan to get some money so she could buy alcohol and cigarettes. the 20
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year-old woman and her 15 month old daughter had been kicked out of her parents' home. how come up with a plan to kill for cash. >> one of four people charged. others are the sun. >> the 1100 block of hickory st. the motive was to rob the victims of their money and their drugs. investigators believe they strangle them put the body together and tied plastic bags around their heads. a police report stated that they had sex on the bodies. planned to dismember the body is and keep the victims' teeth as a trophy. police say the others had continued partying. pleaded guilty to lesser charges received a 10 year prison sentence agreed to testify
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against others. they are not sugar they're prepared to hear what she and other witnesses may reveal. >> hear what you have to say. just trying to be here with my mom. trying to show her some support your just nervous. >> i will never be ready. i will never be. >> i have never been through this before. prosecutors also told the judge after the killing that the defendants ended up stealing $120 from the victim. the lawyer told the judge that there'll be no evidence that his client physically did anything to cause this debt.
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death >> a man is behind bars and charged in a string of sexual assaults. he may be linked to more attacks. the deputy police chief credits good hard detective work. spend hundreds of hours tracking suspect who up until a few weeks ago lived here in park forest. he was arrested last wednesday during a traffic stop in chicago heights after weeks of surveillance. >> months women and young girls living in the southwest suburbs constantly looking over their shoulders worry that they would become the next victim of a sexual predator. they had whistles. major they have the whistle's walking back and forth to school. telling them to watch out for stranger danger and different things like that. carson 37
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toronto was sexually abusing six different females. nine similar groping incidents have occurred in the area. the charges. for an park forced into an reached in park. akins is a primary suspect in the remaining three incidents in park forest. those investigations continue. a 16 year- old girl walking home from school was the first to be attacked on the evening of march 18th as she walked through winnebago park. she says they can put his arm around her shoulder and asked if she had a boyfriend. he then put a small knife to her stomach told her not to straiscram. three other teenage girls or all report being groped as a walk alone. in one attack prosecutors say he claimed he had a gun. two women leave and attacked as they walk to and from the station.
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>> having the vehicle description and suspect description allow us to go and look for the person of interest. looking into it further. he was picked out and multiple windups. >> am happy that he has been caught and he deserves to go to jail for the rest of his life. he is a sick man. >> there was also a similar attack reported on april 24th. police say he has not been identified in that case. >> please also tell us that he has a significant criminal history that includes arrests for weapons violations and theft. and then he is being held in a cook county jail. he is due back in court tomorrow. state rep pleaded
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guilty to misdemeanor charge after being charged with bank fraud. the democrat made the plea this morning for one count of delivering a false federal income tax return for 20 07. indicted on felony bank charge after being accused of lying to obtain an extension of credit and depressed real estate properties. it carried a maximum sentence of a year in prison. the $100 fine. >> facing extradition to illinois for the murder of a robber'rogers park. arrested in racine county wisconsin. charge in the murder of a 20 year-old. was he was waiting on a bus on von have an of and rogers park. prosecutors say was gang- related. a drive by but the shooter missed his target.
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another suspect is in jalap of bond. and then fell to his death from a 65th floor of a hotel. it happened just before 3:00 a.m. on north columbus. investigators say 27 of the man fell from a balcony. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the health of the ceo shot by a disgruntled employee is slowly improving. in a shot in the head and stomach on thursday. he showed some small signs of improvement. scheduled a meeting and to talk about being demoted. a struggle began and he shot low voice and then killed himself. in critical but stable condition. expects >> to see more
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police officers on the streets. announced additional administrative officers will be put on the streets of chicago. the 150 extra officers will be detailed to a high crime areas on the city's top and what sign. thousands of jail inmates are signing up for obama care to get mental health treatment. the cook county sheriff says about 3000 of the 10,000 inmates need some kind of mental health care. that's not been able to afford or pay for it or find it. >> under obama care inmates cannot afford treatment. they must have a hard time finding a place that offers a. now the largest mental health provider in the state. perhaps the largest in the country. >> new details
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released about the renovation plans for wrigley field. expected to be complete in 2017. includes three luxury bunker suites built under the bleachers on the third base side. a growing trend in major league stadium. maybe the middle of summer but it in the long before the blackhawks return to the united center. went on sale this morning. make your purchase. >> will open the preseason schedule.
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>> >> seen leaving a venue walking south on columbus near harrison. reportedly with three friends and undercover secret service agents. cleanup is underway this morning. city crews have been picking up trash across the field. >> the second american battling ebola virus returns to the united states. the efforts are under way to rescue hundreds of children. the
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latest in toledo after the drinking water was deemed after the drinking water was deemed unsafe. a1 im
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people could fill a bucket toward jugs of purified water. because of our connection to the great lakes they did test the water over the weekend and none of the algae bloom toxins were found. >> brief israeli troops to allowed it to reach palestinians is over. this and that israel bombed the refugee camp in gaza city killing and eight year-old girl and wounding 29 other people in an air attack. >> israel says that there has been no strikes since the
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truce started. four rockets were fired from gaza later. two crashed inside israel. no reports of casualties or damage. a palestinian driving an excavator ran over and killed an israeli. police shot and killed the driver. there were no passengers on that bus. a nigerian doctor has been diagnosed with the ball up. an american man died after traveling. meantime american doctor contracted ebola virus while working with patients in west africa is making progress. >> being treated at emory university. received an experimental serum. health worker who is also infected with ebola is expected to arrive tomorrow bringing the stricken patients back to the united states is the best course of action. most of the medical
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care consists of supportive care and our senses. given our training given your knowledge we can supply them supportive care much better and can be supplied in their current environment. in many states is planning to send 50 health experts to west africa. the world health organization says are least 729 people have died in liberia. u.s. marine held on a mexican prison for more than three months will be important in tijuana. >> as attorney will be be able to question the arresting officer.
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>> more than one- 30,000 people signed a petition on the white house website demanding his release. a woman who has been missing for more than a week may have been spotted on a ferry and washington state. the 30 year-old was last seen on july 24th and a home town of dundee york him. a couple told police that they saw a woman fitting houston's description. investigators are waiting for surveillance video from the ferry. houston's husband says he is hopeful about that trip the wants to continue search efforts closer to home. that the flooding. >> created a dangerous river of mud and debris. one person died in the car slipped off of
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the road. >> and claremont as many as 500 children and adults are trapped due to impassable roads. >> took a turn for the worst hit a six flags amusement park in new jersey. lost power and stopped working friday afternoon. >> they had to use the emergency stairs next to the tracks and order to get down. >> the ride reopened about an hour later >> him mass-transit stood zone and how can i helping low- income employees get can i helping low- income employees get to work.
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live-in so-called transit deserts' according to dennis study. some for neighbor technology tells the chicago tribune that some of the suburbs business employment areas including naperville lombard and oak brook are not well connected. $20 million to expand rail lines. and improved bus service across the service area. cta officials have disputed the findings on that study. >> the doll up about seven points. as of today wgn tv no longer shares the same corporate bonds. splitting
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into two separate media companies. tribune publishing will focus on newspapers like the tribune and l.a. times. the other company will focus on dozens of television and radio stations as well as other assets. motorola solutions looking to downsize from its headquarters in schaumburg. the company expects to sell some of its buildings and is looking for a developer to help determine what should be done with the extra space. motorola has about 20,000 employees. roughly 4000 in illinois. announced plans to lay off a number of employees. passenger jets at risk of cyber attacks. if another way to hack the communications equipment on passenger jets to the planes y 5 and in-flight entertainment system. representatives for communications companies have downplayed the risk. the claims could prompt an investigation into aircraft security. were revealed
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details the white sox bullpen got destroyed while the bears released their first death chart ahead of the mi fa1
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time for sports. the white sox bullpen has been up and down all season. now they have tied a franchise records for the most runs allowed. the white sox and twins made it through to rain delays. the white sox only down are run in the eighth. give up a triple to santana. it got worse and the ninth. he gave up three straight home runs to the twins. the bullpen's 15th round tied the team record >> not quite as heartbreaking as when you lose a one running game. the way you pitch and the way you go through a game you wanted to be a lot better them back. you put it behind you and you can come back tomorrow. we've had a nice stretch.
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>> put it behind you and come back tomorrow and start over. >> the chicago cubs gun for a series when in l.a.. the cubs and dodgers tied in the fifth period broke the tie with a to run home run to left-center. six of the year. it one run lead in the seventh period made a leaping catch at first. i threw to second for the double play. the chicago cubs went on to win 7-3. earned his first victory and they are off today. the bears did not open their preseason until friday night. they of released the first on the official death turn of the year. >> stoa a competition for safety. the bears were off yesterday and returned to practice this morning still to
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come on the midday tom skilling will have your full tom skilling will have your full forecast. a1 im
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we will talk about that in a moment. these could be heavy rain producers. we had some storms that welled up along the lake michigan shoreline. kind of bubble up. looking east from iata. about the time to
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sell was pouring down rain on chicago's lakefront. check out the spectacular grand chef. come as quite a shock. look at the helm which fell. this weekend uc the waxing moon. exquisitely photographed. by the way it was the product of light refraction as forest fire smoke came into the area from north canadian wildfires.
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they sense that they're smoking a little farther east. so is a towering cumulus clouds. there'll be more to come as the afternoon to come. here's a review of the storm cluster is up to the north of us. looking at the towering cumulus. here is the radar on top of you. we're getting a couple of lightning flashes already showing up. this area will grow prolifically during afternoon. the
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lookout isolated thunderstorms or yesterday. if you're among those to be ejaculated the beaches you be interested to note that you're in a small area there receive a big rain yesterday. almost half an inch of rain came down and parts of the city. ferreous rain gauge report. look at the temperature is now in the '80s including 88 at westchester. '80s at hoffman estates. nearly 80 it will matt. over an inch and a half of water. a light breeze will begin marching in mind. the convergence of wind right along that often times is the spark for some thunderstorms to develop. a lake breeze at that time. >> all in all 50% of the area cut up and thunderstorms. 50
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percent tonight. 40 percent coverage tomorrow >> also severe rutgers stressed to the west of us. >> you keep your eye open for possibly gusty wind. this is the 7:00 for castoff of our high- resolution in-house model. this is midnight tonight. cl the storms keep crossing the area. >> there's a feature right here right on the nose of the jet stream. there is left. here is where it is this evening. new debt and little added lift. and may add some spark to some of these thunderstorms. not everybody will see that. that is the potential of these things given the slow movement and
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all of the moisture that we have in the air. it is 81 here in chicago now. the warrant extends all the way up to the arctic. well we will have northwest winds locking in the chair next week not much cooler air to tap. highs of eighties over the weekend. first full weekend of august produced one day above normal that was saturday and sunday. one day below normal. it was kind of a wash. at least we were in normal territory. eighties are going right now around town. dew points tell the moisture story appeared on the get into the low and mid '60s it starts getting into the humid. the wind is quite light. >> that wind from the east hitting the western land leads to a pileup on a ground level. that is one of the ways nature produces some afternoon thunderstorms and lake breezes. no wind at all here right now. and have
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ragweed in the air. 29 and 68 are your sunburn times. 1:00 and 4:00. you want to wear sunscreen this afternoon. we have a hurricane east of the bahamas. second one of the season. it is moving northward. real talk about that on the update and show you where it is going. most a clouding some heavy storms possible this afternoon. it will be scattered. a-85 with wind moving easterly. clusters of thunderstorms tonight with heavy rainfall possible. like east wind would be gusting mirror thunderstorms. a sun club max tomorrow. will take land out of the forecasrain out of the
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forecast. looks like later in the week we'll go back to scattered thunderstorms again. this has been a summer of unusually strong upper winds. that is one of the reasons we had such crazy weather around here. >> happy monday. good to be back. ishrf
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the official drawing of the illinois lottery. >> wish he of the very best of luck. >>time for the pick4
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games. hope you had a glorious weekend. first lucky number is 1.
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>>mega millions 100 is 1. >>mega millions 100 million dollars.
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baby laughs! a key advocate of gun control has passed away. scott in 1981 while serving under former president ronald reagan. former president signed the brady handgun violence protection act. requires a background check before the purchase of this column. also work to help those with disabilities. lose from illinois. you 73 years old. >> time for newness. they'll begin reviewing thousands of public comments on whether food labels will have information about
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had it should appear it will require food makers to say how much sugar they're adding to products. current labeling laws only requires total sugar content to be listed. >> there is added to food contribute more to weight gain. they say there's not enough evidence to suggest that. >> in a trend catching on at businesses including right here in chicago. daily meditation. a new study finds people make more decisive and rational business decisions after a 15 minute meditation >>. employees tend to perform better when their bosses also meditate. recently created and meditation and prayer center at the chicago location after noticing that employees were sneaking into the stairwells for peace and quiet. >> lunch break is and quiet. >> lunch break is coming up next.
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is the beauty of the place. that kind of family environment. >> not part. and working for 23 years. >> [inaudible] [ >> you learned all of the family recipes and now you're part of the family. making food for other people. >> let's start with the butter. while he is doing that do you have something planned for the anniversary celebration? >> we are in the works of doing
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something. we want to make it a special occasion. we're going to do something special. >> this is one of the favre recipes of the people. of the guests to come into the restaurant. >> the butler the pursuit of the pine nuts the fresh garlic. the men and heavy cream. a nice rich dish. serving at of apostolate. >serving at over the possible. >> me of the shrimp.
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we have to shrug the schremppshrimp. >> i cannot wait. >>while he is mixing that talke to me about these other dishes. >>still uses the pine nuts. it is a spicy sauce with chicken and shrimp. we have different salads. this is just a variation. serving
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that over a pasta? [inaudible] you can see what it looks like. >>a little bit of the cream. it does not take long. usually takes 4-5 minutes. you ahve to
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west taylor street. we will have a link on our website and the shrimp recipe. on our website and the shrimp recipe.
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president barack obama was born. where did he attend at law school? >> received his bachelor's degree from columbia he taught at university of chicago but he graduated with a law degree from harvard. >> thunderstorms' continuing to pop. a new one developing in far northern cook county. others are unlike count your enough. these will continue blossom in the afternoon. here's the on top of you. it really explosive situation.
12:58 pm
there is a weather but few of the clouds developing in the showers. about 50 percent of the area this afternoon. 50 percent and 40 percent tomorrow. showers ease off after that. there you see the clouds blossoming to the north. the big grain numbers. these are impressive numbers. the wind is west southwest at 8. here uc over the next seven days how we stay and the warmer air. no real cooling. it will modestly cool down a little bit. about 240 mi. east. you'll see it on the corner of the picture. it is not looking really great. move
12:59 pm
between bermuda and the outer banks of north carolina not really seriously affecting the east coast. thunderstorms today and tomorrow. gun >> the chief of staff and former director of government direction for major league baseball has died. and is coming from his daughter. he was 80 years old. those in news for the midday. we were back at five and nine appeared in the meantime have a nine appeared in the meantime have a great afte
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